Architecture is the mother of all arts. It should have movement like choreography, relief like sculpture, color like painting, and rhythm like music. And yet, a good home design must stand the test of time, balancing artistry with solid construction methods.

Randy Buffie

Randall M. Buffie, AIA

Architecture is a captivating blend of art and engineering. It’s creative, complex, and challenging—and it’s important to find an architect who can do it right. Each project brings its own set of programmatic, functional, and aesthetic challenges. I love puzzling out creative solutions, utilizing my extensive experience in construction to solve complicated problems.

You see, home building has been part of my life as long as I can remember. My father was a home building and remodeling contractor, so you could say I grew up in the business. Thanks to my background, I offer my clients award-winning designs which are also well grounded in sound construction techniques. I create designs that are warm and interesting—and yet can be built.

You can depend upon me to be creative, all while looking out for your best interests. I’ll patiently explain the impact of each specific alternative as we make decisions on your design. I think that you will find me to be a very easy person to work with. I am, by nature, an optimistic person, and I will do my best to keep this exciting process fun for you.

28 Years.

208 Design Commissions.

208 Happy, Satisfied Clients.

Unique Home Designs

Artful Updates

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home before the Buffie treatment home after the Buffie treatment
basement before the Buffie treatment basement after the Buffie treatment
basement before the Buffie treatment basement after the Buffie treatment

“Randy is a joy to work with, personable and professional, and versatile in various design styles, for example, blending modernism with Victorian, Craftsmen, etc., while taking into account his client’s personal tastes. We have used Randy’s services a number of times since then, including consulting on color and light (there is no one better), and we plan to work with him again. I could go on and on (and perhaps I have), but in a nutshell, I’ve known many designers, both here and in CA, and he’s simply the best.”
— N. Gamblin

Style Matters

I create designs that are artful, warm, and interesting—and yet can be built.